O kursie

Polish for Foreigners is a course designed for all English and German speaking inhabitants of our beautiful region, who want to improve their communicative skills.

polish for foreigners 1We believe that learning our mother tongue can be an interesting experience.

Our lessons are planned in the way that guarantees both effective and comfortable learning. Polish language classes are based on materials designed by our lecturers and a coursebook as well.

We offer individual and group courses; regular, intensive, at the student’s place or our school.

Indiviudal courses are ideal for students who are likely to change their daily schedule. We make it possible for them to re-arrange the dates of meetings.

Group courses are ideal for srudents who are in favour of regular classes and cooperation with other people

Our goal is to teach effectively and in the way that provides the necessary comfort for the process of learning. Apart from linguistic abilities and knowledge, students become familiar with numerous aspects of Polish culture such as celebrations, holidays and cooking habits.

Key features of the course


  • communication-based lessons
  • a lot of speaking + a lot of learning = a lot of acquisition
  • small level-based groups
  • the context of the lessons close to the natural acquisition contex


  • learning based on native language acquisition process
  • small groups support stressless, fast learning
  • interaction as the main content of the lessons
  • the process of learning is the process of language discover


  • natural approach to the language results in fast effects
  • our learners minds soon consider it normal to think in Polish
Course length
  • 80 hours
  • 2 x 60 minutes per week
Number of students
  • students number in a group : 4 /6 ppl.
  • the number of students guaranteed in the contract
  • total cost of the course: 1600 zł
  • payment: 10 installments x 160 zł
  • extra cost: coursebook

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